Keeping it simple

Life as a mama isn’t always easy. Keeping up with little individuals with their own ideas and opinions is enough to drive anyone crazy and add that to managing a household it’s easy to see how some days are simply lived in survival mode.

I learned pretty early on that keeping life simple was key to our day-to-day success. Sounds simple enough, but in the world of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and a million other sites it isn’t always the case!

This page serves two roles. First, it allows me share some of the things that make me happy/excited! Second, it grants me the privilege of having something to look back on and realize that although I’m not a perfect mom I do have a pretty good “perfect” bubble in my household.

My first rule to living simple is to not pay attention to other families! Living simple for your family is very specific to your family. We all need very different things. We all have very different wants and expectations in life and shouldn’t hold ourselves to others.

My house is clean, the kids are happy & healthy (mostly), we have all of our survival needs met and we end the day safe and together in our home. A major win every day! This blog is about the things I love! Raising my kids, decorating my house, living on a budget, eating organic and just trying to keep us happy. I am NOT super craft, but I try! I’m not a great baker/cook, but for the most part the family eats what I present them. I love finding a great deal, DIY projects are awesome, and I love coffee breaks!

I hope that you enjoy following me and thanks for reading!