Keeping My Holiday SIMPLE

15241953_10153987424987414_3938020077629569501_n1This time of year is always crazy around here! Trying to please everyone, creating Christmas magic for the kids, the parties, and demands on our time can all be just way too much. This year the hubby and I decided that we are keeping it simple. Don’t get me wrong…the house is decked out from top to bottom, but the calendar isn’t booked solid!

This year we are going simple on gifts. Just three each for the kiddos since they have everything they need and most of everything they want! Hopefully this will cut down on the amount of stuff that collects dust and finds its way into the donation center. Cards are going out to friends and family along with a few gift cards here and there.

We have the 25 days of Christmas activities going on here so all the baking and crafts are spread out and should be fun and non stressful! I’m tired of trying to keep my head above water during the holidays and this is my attempt of enjoying the season! Luckily I was able to get most of the shopping done before Thanksgiving so that come the first of December all I had to do was ship things out to our nieces and address the cards!

We aren’t going to a lot of parties this year. Last year we dragged the poor kiddos around all weekend, every weekend trying to experience all the fun. None of it ended up being fun…it was just stress!

I’m hoping that you all are enjoying the season and hopefully you can keep it stress free! Remember in the end it’s the little moments that people cherish and remember! Happy Holidays!!!


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