Mighty Max


Sometimes it’s the little people around us who teach us the most. They teach by example. This weekend at my 4 yr olds soccer game there was this little guy on the other team named Max. He was such a sweet little guy! He had the whole crowd cheering for him simply because he was awesome!

Max most certainly wasn’t one of the best players. Actually he was pretty far from it, but he had something that you rarely see anymore. He had determination and heart. Poor little Max spent more time on the ground then anyone else that game. He either tripped over the ball, other kids, or just over his own feet yet he kept going.

This little guy would bounce up with a big smile and announce that he was okay! He would wave at his parents every time his little foot hit the ball and he would cheer his little heart out for all the kids on the field when they did something good. He was out there patting shoulders and telling them that they did great!

Max simply could have just stayed sitting in the mud crying. He could have been mad every time the ball was taken for him and for all the times he got pushed to the back of the crowd, but he DIDN’T! He played with all his heart and the he saw the good in all of it.

The most amazing thing that happened was at the end of the game. Kids from both sides  gave sweet little Max hugs goodbye! My daughter even commented about her new friend Max on the other team that was nice to her! Max may not have been the best ball player, but he was a great asset to his team! He provided the emotional support the team needed. He had a smile and cheers for all.

Lesson I learned – You don’t have to be the best at something to contribute in big ways. Max and his smile made the game great! I can only hope he never loses that part of himself!



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