What I want my kids to know


There is so much I want them to know, but really I think these are the top ones!

  1. Mom doesn’t know everything! I know you think I do, but really I don’t.
  2. Google can only get you so far in life!
  3. I used to think that waking up before 9AM on a weekend was CRAZY…now I can’t even remember the last time I slept in that long.
  4. I don’t understand Common Core.
  5. Hearing you laugh is my favorite sound.
  6. You have taught me so much about myself.
  7. Your hugs really do make everything better!
  8. Sorry doesn’t right a wrong, but it’s a good place to start.
  9. Loving yourself is priceless!
  10. There is nothing on this earth I wouldn’t do for you guys.
  11. It wasn’t until you guys came into my world that coffee became a necessity.
  12. Before kids I very rarely wore my hair in a ponytail and I wore makeup daily!
  13. I wouldn’t trade a moment with you for anything in the world.
  14. I’ve always tried my best with you. Even when I failed miserably. However, your both still alive and going strong.
  15. I still check to make sure you are breathing at night.
  16. You impress me more often than you know with your kindness.
  17. You make me so incredibly proud.
  18. You make me a better person.
  19. Sometimes I can’t wait to get a break, but when I do I miss you like crazy minutes later.
  20. I’m nothing like my mother!
  21. Don’t give up on something because it’s too hard. That something usually tends to be worth the extra work!
  22. I could gush about you both 24/7
  23. There is no such thing at too many hugs and kisses from your mom
  24. I really don’t say or do things just to make you mad. I truly am doing what I think is best for you.
  25. I’m so happy for you to grow up and experience life, but deep down I selfishly want to keep you little and at home with me.
  26. I dread the day you won’t let me pick out your outfit!
  27. I eat foods I hate just to get you to try it!
  28. I hide behind the corner and watch you play.
  29. Sometimes bedtime takes forever to come.
  30. Cuddles are worth skipping all the “need to do” things on my list!
  31. I LOVE YOU! (I know you know, but still!)



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