Mighty Max


Sometimes it’s the little people around us who teach us the most. They teach by example. This weekend at my 4 yr olds soccer game there was this little guy on the other team named Max. He was such a sweet little guy! He had the whole crowd cheering for him simply because he was awesome!

Max most certainly wasn’t one of the best players. Actually he was pretty far from it, but he had something that you rarely see anymore. He had determination and heart. Poor little Max spent more time on the ground then anyone else that game. He either tripped over the ball, other kids, or just over his own feet yet he kept going.

This little guy would bounce up with a big smile and announce that he was okay! He would wave at his parents every time his little foot hit the ball and he would cheer his little heart out for all the kids on the field when they did something good. He was out there patting shoulders and telling them that they did great!

Max simply could have just stayed sitting in the mud crying. He could have been mad every time the ball was taken for him and for all the times he got pushed to the back of the crowd, but he DIDN’T! He played with all his heart and the he saw the good in all of it.

The most amazing thing that happened was at the end of the game. Kids from both sides  gave sweet little Max hugs goodbye! My daughter even commented about her new friend Max on the other team that was nice to her! Max may not have been the best ball player, but he was a great asset to his team! He provided the emotional support the team needed. He had a smile and cheers for all.

Lesson I learned – You don’t have to be the best at something to contribute in big ways. Max and his smile made the game great! I can only hope he never loses that part of himself!



In the moment – Weekend blurb

This little lady lead me by the the hand all around the park this morning. She was going from tree to tree just looking at them. When I asked her what she was looking for she replied,”I’m looking for the fall fairy’s.” So like any good Mama I helped her look for the fall fairy’s. We didn’t find any but we did find some beautiful leaves, a bunny, and discovered that she is the better leaf collector lol.

Sometimes it’s fun getting wrapped up in the world of a four year old. Tomorrow we plan to make a fairy house in the back yard!

Happy Fall Friends!

What I want my kids to know


There is so much I want them to know, but really I think these are the top ones!

  1. Mom doesn’t know everything! I know you think I do, but really I don’t.
  2. Google can only get you so far in life!
  3. I used to think that waking up before 9AM on a weekend was CRAZY…now I can’t even remember the last time I slept in that long.
  4. I don’t understand Common Core.
  5. Hearing you laugh is my favorite sound.
  6. You have taught me so much about myself.
  7. Your hugs really do make everything better!
  8. Sorry doesn’t right a wrong, but it’s a good place to start.
  9. Loving yourself is priceless!
  10. There is nothing on this earth I wouldn’t do for you guys.
  11. It wasn’t until you guys came into my world that coffee became a necessity.
  12. Before kids I very rarely wore my hair in a ponytail and I wore makeup daily!
  13. I wouldn’t trade a moment with you for anything in the world.
  14. I’ve always tried my best with you. Even when I failed miserably. However, your both still alive and going strong.
  15. I still check to make sure you are breathing at night.
  16. You impress me more often than you know with your kindness.
  17. You make me so incredibly proud.
  18. You make me a better person.
  19. Sometimes I can’t wait to get a break, but when I do I miss you like crazy minutes later.
  20. I’m nothing like my mother!
  21. Don’t give up on something because it’s too hard. That something usually tends to be worth the extra work!
  22. I could gush about you both 24/7
  23. There is no such thing at too many hugs and kisses from your mom
  24. I really don’t say or do things just to make you mad. I truly am doing what I think is best for you.
  25. I’m so happy for you to grow up and experience life, but deep down I selfishly want to keep you little and at home with me.
  26. I dread the day you won’t let me pick out your outfit!
  27. I eat foods I hate just to get you to try it!
  28. I hide behind the corner and watch you play.
  29. Sometimes bedtime takes forever to come.
  30. Cuddles are worth skipping all the “need to do” things on my list!
  31. I LOVE YOU! (I know you know, but still!)



My 21 Day Challenge


With the holiday season just around the corner I thought that I would use this month to focus on me! Starting on Oct 3rd I’m going to focus on both the inside and outside of dear old me. The next 21 days will include the Beachbody 21 day fix workout program,  going 21 days without caffeine (AKA COFFEE) or alcohol, daily journal writing, and to top it all off I’m also trying out a new face regimen with Rodan & Fields Reverse Regimen.

Life is passing fast and somewhere along the past few years things on this body aren’t as tight, my skin is changing, I’m tired, and mentally I feel like I am always going a million miles a minute. I figure that I’m to young to feel this way and too old to not seize the moment before it takes way too much work and money to get myself back in shape!

Now I will have 30 minutes to work out everyday and each morning I plan of enjoying a cup of tea and squeezing in some time to journal before the crazy morning routine kicks in. I’m excited to see what the next 21 days will hold. It’ll be all the more interesting because I’ll have my little one with me too. Thankfully she enjoys dancing around (her version of working out) and is actually a great little cheerleader!

I’m sure I can stay on track with my 21 day challenge, but really the no coffee thing is going to be HARD!!! I drink coffee when I’m tired, cold, want to relax, bored, hanging out with friends, while reading, while in the car, at pick up and drop off at school. It’s my life line! I mean I like tea, but really it doesn’t hold up to a glorious cup of dark, strong coffee! Just the smell of it alone relaxed me!

Here’s to 21 days of focusing some time on me and hopefully finding a happier, fitter, more relaxed version of myself before the holidays and family swarm in!  Just a side note…I don’t sell any of the above products and am no way associated with any of the above companies!



I’m not JUST


Drawing of me that my son made

According to Oxford Dictionaries just is defined as: simply; only; no more than:

The other day while waiting to pick up my son I was standing on the sidewalk with a group of parents waiting for the afternoon bell. The conversation centered around a mother who was expecting her third child who would be 9 years younger than her current youngest. She was talking about how she was toying with the idea of becoming a stay at home mom. Something she wasn’t able to do with any of her previous children.

While she was speaking excitedly about the prospect of staying home another mom chimed in that she wasn’t cut out to ever stay home full-time, while another said and I quote, “I’m just a stay at home mom.” Honestly I didn’t like her comment. I didn’t like the simplicity of it all. When have you ever heard someone say, “I’m just a doctor”, “I’m just a teacher”, or “I’m just a store clerk?”

I know that in our society we all tend to define ourselves by our careers. I know that I did when I was part of the working world, but by no means am I JUST a stay at home mom! Yes, I am a mom and yes I stay home with the kids, but I do so much more.

Honestly I had a hard time adjusting to life at home. I had a hard time redefining who I was as a person without my career title. I had to toughen up and realize that MOM was a title worth being proud of and that being a stay at home mom was something to be excited about. It wasn’t something to be ashamed of. It wasn’t something I had to do because I couldn’t get a job or because my husband wanted me to be a little Suzy homemaker.

I slowly developed a new role. In my head I was now the COE (Chief of Everything) in my family. I do it all. I pay the bills, clean the house, provide the meals, make the appointments, help with homework, teach the ABC’s and 123’s, transport the kiddos, plan the vacations, I support my husband emotionally and help him to be successful at work. I’m not JUST a stay at home mom. I AM a stay at home mom. I have a job that pays in hugs, kisses, and time. I get time with my family that I either wise would never get had I been reporting to an office. I have been paid in memories that I cling to and sometimes feel bad that my children won’t remember them.

My family is strong and close. My husband is successful, my son excels at school. My daughter is a social butterfly and well on her way to many successes. My family knows that I try my best to take of them, to love them, and to be with them. They also know that I find myself incredibly blessed to be home each and every day! I say I was “just” would demean not only this amazing blessing, but also the hard work my husband does that allows us financially to make this a reality.

So, please any of you who are stay at home parents….know that you are so much more than JUST! You are a vital link in your family chain and you deserve to feel good about the way you spend your time!


Perfect Mama moment

Today was one of those days where I had it all together! I woke up early to enjoy a quick workout and a cup of coffee before the littles woke up. I had every one dressed and ready for homemade waffles with homemade organic strawberry sauce. I made up a school lunch, packed the backpack and the water bottle. I even remembered that it was library day!

Life was looking great! Got loaded into the car and while sitting at the light took a sip of my coffee only to notice that I didn’t put coffee into the coffee maker so it was just hot water… Ummm not okay!

Got to school only to notice that the smallest had her shoes on the wrong feet and the oldest was sporting an ever awesome toothpaste mustache! To top it all off my “clean” shirt had a strain right down the middle of it!

Moral of the story… You can’t win them all, but it was sweet while it lasted! High point I grabbed a coffee on the way home! 😉