Pizza night

Some nights…this is my reality! The hubby worked late, I ran around cleaning, grocery shopping, and doing a little extra work for my son’s teacher. When the dinner hour came I was feeling less then stellar so we did a treat night. Pizza and a movie before bed!!! I even got them both showered before the pizza arrived.

I admit I felt a little guilty about not making dinner. Heck I even went to the store to buy dinner supplies and yet I still ordered pizza. Last night just wasn’t my night.

Our realities don’t need to be perfect. Some days it’s made from scratch with love and other days fend for yourself or buying a ready made meal. Either way enjoy a meal with the family!

Side note…I ordered a cookie pizza and never told the kids! Shhhh 😉

Keeping it simple

Life as a Mama isn’t always easy. Time is short and the list of things to be done is forever growing! It’s easy to get caught up in the stress ball of it all! I know it’s easy to tell someone to relax, but really it’s not always an easy action.

This year is my last year with a kiddo at home with me. To think that they have grown up so fast is shocking! I remember thinking at times that I couldn’t wait for them to get bigger and now here I am grasping onto the final days as if my life depends on it.

I’m trying every day to live in the moment. To stop and focus when they talk to me or want to show me something. I laugh more and play more. I curl up to read them a story in the middle of the day… Mind you there are piles of laundry flanking me on either side, but I’m in the moment enjoying the story right along with them.

It’s taken me far too long to realize how short this time with them would be. Chores will be around until the day I die. It doesn’t harm anyone or anything to let things wait or to let them pile up a little. That’s not to say that I don’t run around cleaning like a crazy person when they are occupied in the play room trying to get the house clean, but when it counts I’m there for the little things.

Today’s small moment was listening to my smallest tell me all about the kitten that lives in the sky with tons of stars and fairy god mother’s. 

*Side note she draws better then I do. 🙂

To the small moment!



Welcome! Happy FALL!!!

I’m a huge fan of fall and all that comes with it! Coffee, scents, color, crockpot meals, leaves, and pumpkins! I love decorating the house, doing fall crafts with the kids (need to get as many hand print art pieces done as possible before they become too big!) and of course I love that it’s cold enough to sip a mug of hot coffee or tea all day long!

This week I have managed to partially decorate the house because a majority of my décor was buried knee deep in the garage.Thankfully the husband tackled this last weekend! The weather here has been crazy with one day being rainy and a chilly 62 degrees only to be sunny and 88 degrees the next day!

This year is the first year that the kids are playing outdoor soccer! First off let me tell you how much this soccer thing has messed with my personal schedule. Each kid has one practice a week and a game on Saturday. The kids don’t have practice on the same day so twice a week we shoot over to practice for an hour at 5PM! This means that I am trying to figure out how to manage dinner, showers, and bedtime all within a short window! I also live in the beautify Pacific NW which means RAIN and that means early morning games in the cold and wet rain while sporting a rain coat and holding a hot coffee. I’m not sure I’m ready for all this, but at least the kids love it and are having a great time!

I hope that you are enjoying the beginnings of fall!