Welcome to Quite Simply Mama! If we’re being honest there is nothing simple about life as a Mama! This site is intended to make you laugh, smile, and maybe learn something. I’m excited to share my world with you and hopefully to learn something from all of you!

I have found that life is best enjoyed when kept simple, so that’s what I am striving to do! I’m working on taking in the little moments and embracing the chapter life currently has me in. Time flies too fast and I’m just trying to live the minutes I have and store as many memories up as I can!

I love being crafty, bargain shopping and a big cup of coffee! I’m not a soccer mom or Pinterest mom but someplace in-between. I do what’s best for me and my family! I’m not perfect by a long shot, but that’s okay by me!

Please follow me…laugh, learn, enjoy a warm cup of tea/coffee or glass of wine and enjoy!

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